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Outdoor apparel to share adventures

Born in 1989, Eiger is made for tropical explorers and adventurers. Directly adopted the name from Eiger mountain, we aim to bring the spirit of climbing one of the world’s toughest mountains into everyone’s heart.
Because we believe, everyone can have their own adventure.

  • 1997 - Built its own manufacture and first store, Eiger Adventure Store at Jalan Cihampelas, Bandung
  • 2002 - Conducting Mt. Eiger expedition, proving Eiger's excellence by conducting research, development, and product-testing in all terrain all over the world
  • 2006 - Started an around the world journey, Ride for Peace, carried out by Kang JJ or Jeffrey Polnaja
  • 2008 - Planting of 1.000 tree seedlings in Kareumbi Mountain. Giving back to nature as our involvement in natural preservation
  • 2009 - Supported The Indonesian 7 Summits Expedition with high technical equipment, with Eiger Adventure Service Team (EAST) as facilitator and advisor.
  • 2016 - Bearing the identity of Eiger homeland as a tropical country, Eiger was reborn for your passion for the tropical adventure.
  • 2019 - Achieved the IGDS (Indonesia Good Design Selection) Award organized by the Indonesia Ministry of Industry for Keba Series from the Black Borneo collection


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Comes with Tropical Adventure tagline, EIGER is more focused on positioning itself as a provider of equipment and adventure gear for outdoor activities in tropics. Indonesia as one of the countries located in the tropical region has the highest characteristic of rainfall, humidity, and temperature. Therefore, Eiger provides technical products to support outdoor activities and non-technical products for daily activities.


EIGER is designed, developed, and has been tested to support the outdoor activities that adapted by function and characteristic of tropical climate terrain in Indonesia with high dedication to give the best for this country. EIGER will keep making improvements, develop through researches, and do product testing by experts and outdoor activist to maintain product quality.

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