Dari Indonesia, untuk dunia

Each of us was born with gifts, but many of us are unable to fulfill our own capacity. Hailing humbly from Indonesia, we wish to build a company where we face new challenges, embrace our talents while staying true to our roots. With this spirit, we believe Eigerindo MPI can grow to fulfill our potentials and share our blessings with the world.

Brand Kami

Eigerindo MPI delve deep into lifestyles and turn their potential into quality brands such as Exsport, Bodypack, Eiger, and Outlive. Our physical stores now numbers to 350+ and counting.

Mari bergabung

Eigerindo MPI offers you the best work ecosystem where we welcome young enthusiast to create impactful work with us. For you who loves challenges, please take a seat.

Mari berkolaborasi

In Eigerindo MPI, collaboration is the key to constant innovation. Through collaboration, we can multiply values, bring greater impact, and move the industry to the next level.


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